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Classroom Kickstart

Learning can happen anywhere with Google Classroom! 

“One of the best courses I've taken due to its clear purpose and thoroughness and practicality of content. It was also conducted in a low-key manner without too much stress.” - Theresa M. Deriso, Technology Integration Specialist, Bristol, Rhode Island 

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Teaching in a blended or fully online format? This course will help you prepare for all of these scenarios!

Google Classroom

Explore the features of Google Classroom with this easy online course!

STOP shuffling papers and START connecting with your students. Google Classroom is THE tool that you need to focus on what matters in your classroom: your students. 

Are you...

  • Unsure of whether you will be teaching in-person, online, or in a blended environment?
  • Trying to figure out how to provide effective instructions during a global pandemic?
  • Unsure how to incorporate hand-written work in a virtual setting?
  • Spending too much time tracking assignment submissions and late work? 
  • Frustrated when you need to grade student work electronically? 
  • Struggling to keep all of your course resources organized? 
  • Constantly copy / pasting information from one place to another? 
  • Having a difficult time keeping accurate records on student behavior and IEP implementation?  

...Let Google Classroom help you solve these challenges!

Classroom Kickstart is a 5-module course that will help you launch the 2020-21 school year using Google Classroom. You’ll implement incredibly simple strategies that will improve daily instruction and classroom organization.  

In this course you will learn how to: 

  • Explore all of the NEW features of Google Classroom like rubric scoring and locked quizzes!
  • Cut down on paper, manual grading, and time-consuming classroom procedures 
  • Support your students by proving personal, timely feedback. 
  • Teach remotely by combining Google Classroom and Google Meet.
  • Optimizing Classroom for elementary students.  
  • Design awesome lessons that are optimized for Classroom
  • Use Google Classroom or individual and small group assignments
  • Teach math with Google Classroom
  • Establish clear routines and expectations for using Google Classroom.  

This course is for everyone: beginners AND long time classroom users; all grade levels and subject areas. 

I will personally work with you throughout the course and will answer questions and provide personal feedback on a weekly basis. My goal for this course is to help you SAVE TIME so that you can connect with your students. 

Note: this course is open to everyone, regardless of prior experience with Google Classroom. The course will cover the basics AND advanced tips to help you get MORE out of Google Classroom. Elementary, middle school, and high school teachers will find this course helpful. Not sure? Send me an email and I will help you decide if this course is a good fit for you!

Course Details

  • Start Date: Today
  • End Date: work at your own pace!
  • Platform: Google Classroom
  • Skill: beginner and advanced topics included
  •  Cost: $125
  • Register by CC or PO
Course Outline
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Up to 5 hours of continuing education credits are available! 

This is a fully online course! Login and complete assignments whenever you wish! No mandatory live sessions to attend!

Heard about the NEW Google Classroom updates? Don't worry! This course WILL cover all of the new features!  

Google Classroom

Course Outline

Set it and forget it! How to set up your course the RIGHT way

It’s easy to get started with Google Classroom. During week one you will learn incredibly simple strategies to make your courses student AND teacher-friendly. Even if you have used Classroom for years, you will be blown away by these tips which will make Classroom even better!  

Note: this module has been updated to provide suggestions for using Google classroom in a virtual or blended teaching environment.

Week 1 Topics:

  • Course Strategy: how many courses should you create (with special recommendations for elementary teachers)
  • Essential classroom settings
  • How to set up and use the NEW Google Classroom gradebook
  • How to use your Classwork page effectively
  • Three resources that should be in every classroom
  • Special topics: co-teachers, substitutes, Classroom for coaches, Classroom for PD, and more! 

Assign, submit, return, repeat (you MUST master this process!)

In week two we will explore the most effective ways to use the announcement, assignment, and question posts. This might be the most important week of the course. Master these strategies and you will have your best year yet! These tips will save you a TON of time. 

Week 2 topics:  

  • Posting to Classroom: announcements, questions, assignments
  • Advanced assignment tools: Draft, schedule, reuse, and repost 
  • Assign, submit, return (managing student work)
  • Deep dive into strategies for grading all kinds of student work
  • Structuring individual and group assignments (essential for special education!)
  • Special situations: weekly assignments, “blank” assignments, make-up work
  • Using the NEW locked quiz feature to give secure assessments  

Student tech skills: preparing your students for success

Nothing is more frustrating than planning an awesome technology-enhanced lesson only to discover that your students are lacking basic technology skills. During week three you'll explore some great lesson ideas to use early in the school year to make sure your students have the skills they will need in order to use technology effectively.  

Week 3 topics:

  • The first day - how to start with success (awesome first-day activities)
  • Mastering the log-in process (super important for K-3 students)
  • Essential tech skills for students (teacher checklist)
  • Comments: establishing classroom policies
  • Student guide to Google Classroom
  • Students and phones - how to stay connected

But wait, there's more! Classroom tips and tricks for POWER users

Think you know everything that Classroom has to offer? Wait until week four! We will venture outside of Classroom and look at tools and resources that can make it even better. You’ll get a list of apps, extensions, and web-tools that work alongside Classroom. This should be fun!

Week 4 topics:

  • Five tools to make classroom even better
  • Connecting Classroom to Google Drive & Calendar
  • How to teach remotely using Google Meet
  • Enabling guardian summaries
  • Hacking assignments
  • Classroom compatible tools you don't want to miss  

Design awesome classroom assignments

Classroom is only as good as the lessons that you put inside of it. To wrap up the course you’ll explore five different lesson ideas that work brilliantly with Google Classroom. For each one, you will get templates that you can use immediately.

Note: this module has been updated to include lesson ideas that work in a blended or fully online format.  

Week 5 topics: 

  • Visual thinking with Google Drawing
  • Mini research assignments with presentation
  • Essays the easy way
  • Video story problems
  • Avoid the iceberg with Hyperdocs 
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Hey! I'm John!

John R. Sowash

I taught middle school and high school science for six years and was a high school principal for two years outside of Detroit, Michigan.

During my time as a teacher, I integrated technology into my classroom whenever possible. Sometimes it was great, sometimes it was a total flop!

I now support teachers who are working to use tech in their classrooms. I write books, produce a podcast, and share free resources on my blog and website.  

I hope you will join me in this online course. I look forward to working with you! 

Kind Words

“You are such an awesome teacher. Your clarity, brevity and comprehensiveness in your instruction is deeply appreciated.” - Theresa Deriso, Technology Integration Specialist, Bristol, Rhode Island 

"The whole course has been amazing. So eye-opening! I am amazed at the levels of complexity that John skillfully revealed. Fabulous! " - Michael Drucker, London England 

"This class was definitely helpful. One of the benefits was taking this course with other educators. I learned a lot from reading their thoughts and comments, too." - Ashley Hufnagel 

"This entire course was very informative for me...I have left this course with a host of new knowledge, and a ton of ideas and things to think about." - Annika Otto 

“One of the best courses I've taken due to its clear purpose and thoroughness and practicality of content. It was also conducted in a low-key manner without too much stress.” - Theresa M Deriso, Technology Integration Specialist, Bristol, Rhode Island 

“In the short amount of time we had with this course, it was one of the most efficient, well-organized courses I have ever taken online. John is a great communicator!” - Mike Dallavalle, Teacher 

You Might Be Wondering...

Can I earn continuing education credits?

Probably! This course qualifies for continuing education credits in many states. Check with your adminstration to verify specific requirements. 

Michigan teachers are able to earn up to 5 state SCECH credits for completing this course. Additional registration and work may be required.

Is this just another lousy online course?

I certainly hope not! I have worked hard to make this course practical and actionable. This is NOT an automated course. I will be participating in the course throughout the week; answering questons and personally working with the entire group. You can look at the testimonial section (above) to hear what others are saying.

Can I pay by purchase order?

Sure! Visit the course registration page and look for the PO option. Your school will receive an invoice for your course registration. A PO number is required before you can join the course. 

Why are you charging $150? 

Creating a quality online course requires a tremendous amount of time and preparation. I feel the price is reflective of the value that I am able to provide. 

This sounds like a lot of work!  

You can expect 30-60 minutes of reading and practice each week. All assignments are optional; if it doesn’t fit your teaching style or classroom set up, skip it!  

What equipment/tools will I need?

As long as you have a computer running the current version of the Chrome web browser you will be able to fully participate in the course.

How long will I have access to the course? 

Forever! The course will remain accessible indefinitely, although after the end-date I will no longer be active in the course.

I can't take the course right now. Will it be offered again? 

Probably. If you would like to be notified about future courses, click here.

What if I have questions or get stuck? 

If you have any issues or concerns, you can connect directly with me via email. My contact information is available in the “about” section of Google Classroom.

I'm not a "techie" person. Is this course for me?

Sure! If you are eager to learn, I am excited to work with you! Google Clasroom is easy to use and I will be with you the entire time! 

Do I have to design a class project?

Only if you want to! I hope that you will implement the ideas from the course into your classroom, but how and when you do so is up to you.  

Are the tools mentioned in the course all free? 

Everything I recommend in the course is either free or “freemium.” I never recommend a tool that requires payment in order for it to be used. The freemium products I recommend can be used successfully without a paid subscription.  

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