Designing Multimedia Projects

It’s 2019. Are you teaching like it’s 1996? 

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Designing Multimedia Projects


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It’s 2020. Do your classroom assignments feel like 1996? 

Teaching tools have evolved from textbooks, poster board, and pencils to laptops, tablets, and phones. These devices open up NEW opportunities for creating engaging assignments that go beyond paper and pencil  

Are you taking advantage of the technology in your classroom:

  • Are you teaching with a “paper based” mindset? 
  • Would you like to better utilize your classroom technology? 
  • Are you providing opportunities for students to share their work outside the classroom? 
  • Are you ready to explore new web-based tools that you can use in your classroom?
  • Would you like to enhance some of your best lessons with technology?
  • Are you giving students an opportunity to work with audio, video, and images? 
  • Do you struggle with digital grading and feedback?  

Designing Multimedia Projects will help you develop and enhance classroom assignments to take advantage of awesome web-based tools. You’ll get hands-on experience with amazing web-based tools that you can use in your classroom.  

This course is about designing effective lessons using modern tools that will engage and challenge your students.  

Note: this is a intermediate / advanced course. You should be comfortable working with Google Drive, Classroom, or other learning management systems to get the most out of this course. 

Course Details

  •  Start Date: January 12, 2020
  •  End Date: February 15, 2020
  • Platform: Google Classroom
  • Skill: Intermediate / Advanced 
  •  Cost: $125
  •  Register by CC or PO
Course Outline

We'll use Google Classroom for the course to keep things simple. Register and get immediate access!

Google Classroom

Course Outline


Do you have a Paper Based Mindset?

While paper and pencil can be great teaching tools, they do have some limitations. 

Have you restricted your classroom activities to the limits of paper? I would like to share six questions to ask yourself as you reflect on your current classroom assignment. 

The idea of going beyond the limits of paper is foundational for this course which is why I am providing this lesson to everyone, completely free.  

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Planning your Project

During our first week together you explore simple ways that you can use images, audio, and video as an instructional tool. This will get us into important tools like YouTube, Google Drive and Google Photos which we will build upon later in the course.  

You will also identify a future unit or topic that you would like to update with some new activities. We’ll discuss the elements of a good project and look at common core standards that can be linked to these projects.  

Learning Topics

  • Tips for picking a topic for your next class project
  • Balancing consumption and creation
  • Helpful research & project tools for students
  • Asking "Google Proof" questions
  • Hyperdocs: a framework for learning and creation
  • Using the research tool in Google Drive

Working with Images

Images are the foundation of multimedia, so that’s where we will begin. This week I will introduce you to some of my favorite web-based image editing tools, share some project ideas, and provide feedback on an optional image assignment we will do as a group.  

Learning Topics

  • Organizing images with Google Photos
  • Saving and annotating screenshots
  • Basic: Simple image tools built into Google Drive
  • Intermediate: Photo editing with Pixlr and Aviary
  • Advanced: Creating image projects with Canva, Google Slides, and LucidPress
  • Sample image projects you can use in your classroom. 

Working with Audio

The 1920’s are sometimes referred to as the “golden age of radio.” Over time, audio has taken a backseat to video. That has recently changed, however as a podcasting has become very popular. In week 3 we will look at the benefits of audio-only projects and I explore some neat audio recording and editing tools.  

Learning Topics: 

  • Why you should incorporate audio projects into your classroom
  • Basic: basic audio recording tools
  • Intermediate: Enhancing written assignments with Booktrack Classroom
  • Advanced: Creating an audio experience with Sound Trap
  • How to set up an audio reflection activity using Google Classroom
  • Sample audio projects you can use in your classroom 

Working with Video

Students love creating video! Video requires mastery of both audio and images. A successful class video project requires careful planning and clear guidelines. Without these two elements you will have a mess on your hands! We will look at several outstanding video editing tools and you will have an opportunity to try your hand at a quick video assignment.  

Learning Topics: 

  • It’s a trap: issues to avoid when working with video
  • Writing: the foundation of any video project
  • Basic: Document learning with Screencastify
  • Intermediate: simple video projects with Adobe Spark
  • Advanced: Awesome projects with WeVideo and PowToon
  • Sample video projects you can use in your classroom 

Project management and feedback

During our final week together we will discuss classroom management, providing feedback to students, and giving students an opportunity to share their work. We will re-visit the topic that you picked in week 1 and begin developing it into something you can use in your classroom. The goal this week is to look at the details of your project to ensure that you and your students have a good experience.  

Learning Topics: 

  • Storyboarding, planning, and preparing your project
  • Tips on using rubrics to score multimedia projects
  • Guidelines for publicly sharing student projects
  • Unusual grading strategies for multimedia projects
  • Grading student work using Google Classroom 
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Hey! I'm John!

John R. Sowash

I taught middle school and high school science for 6 years and was a high school principal for 2 years outside of Detroit, Michigan. During my time as a teacher I integrated technology into my classroom whenever possible. Sometimes it was great, some times it was a total flop! I now support teachers who are working to use tech in their classrooms. I write books, produce a podcast, and share free resources on my blog and website.  

I hope you will join me for this online cours. I look forward to working with you!  

Kind words from past students

"I have taken other courses that were just too technical and moved way to fast. Your class was perfect. I am not a "newbie" OR a "techy" but somewhere in the middle hoping to learn more every day. Your class was perfect as it was challenging enough but not overwhelming. Thank you." - Mary Ann Keiser, East Hanover, NJ 

"One of the most focused and practical courses I have ever done. Every aspect was expertly taught with amazing tips from someone who is clearly a very experienced educator." - Michael Drucker, London England 

"This course clarified so many things. I especially appreciated the suggestions for rubrics, hierarchy of projects and general structure. I will have a much more systematic approach to teaching my students with multimedia embedded. Love that the focus is on the content and not the platform. John gave MANY examples ( as did the other participants) and I was able to think through some ways to integrate multimedia for our 21st century learners! So worth the TIME and an incredible value! Thank you John!" - Meggin Verduzco, Kalamazoo, Michigan 

"This course provided me with some new angles and ideas to use with my students. I am glad it was not time consuming, but was packed with new ideas." - John Kramer, Tiffin, Ohio

"This was a great crash course into a variety of multimedia projects. I came away with lots of ideas and sites to use and try in my classroom!" - Annika Otto, South Haven, Michigan 

You Might Be Wondering...

Can I earn continuing education credits?

Yes! This course qualifies for continuing education credits in many states. Check with your adminstration to verify specific requirements. 

Michigan teachers are able to earn up to 5 state SCECH credits for completing this course (no additional cost)

Is this just another lousy online course?

I certainly hope not! I have worked hard to make this course practical and actionable. This is NOT an automated course. I will be participating in the course throughout the week; answering questons and personally working with the entire group. You can look at the tesimonial section (above) to hear what others are saying.

Can I pay by purchase order?

Sure! Visit the course registration page and look for the PO option. Your school will receive an invoice for your course registration. A PO number is required before you can join the course. 

Why are you charging $99? 

Creating an quality online course requires a tremendous amount of time and preparation. I feel the price is reflective of the value that I am able to provide. 

How much time will I spend on the course?  

Each week has a different focus consisting of 4 parts (learn, practice, share, connect). Each component is designed to be completed in 15-20 min. So expect about 1 hour of classwork work each week.

What equipment / tools will I need?

As long as you have a computer running the current version of the Chrome web browser you will be able to fully participate in the course. I will mention some items that you may wish to purchase for your classroom, but they are not required. 

How long will I have access to the course? 

Forever! The course will remain accessible indefinitely, although after the end-date I will no longer be active in the course.

I can't take the course right now. Will it be offered again? 

Probably. If you would like to be notified about future courses, click here.  

What if I have questions or get stuck? 

If you have any issues or concerns, you can connect directly with me via email. My contact information is available in the “about” section of Google Classroom.

I'm not a "techie" person. Is this course for me?

Sure! If you are eager to learn, I am excited to work with you! Google Clasroom is easy to use and I will be with you the entire time! 

Do I have to design a class project?

Only if you want to! I hope that you will implement the ideas from the course into your classroom, but how and when you do so is up to you.  

Are the tools mentioned in the course all free? 

Everything I recommend in the course is either free or “freemium.” I never recommend a tool that requires payment in order for it to be used. The freemium products I recommend can be used successfully without a paid subscription.  

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