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Getting organized with Google


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This is a self-pace, online course via Google Classroom! Complete assignments at your convenience!

Are your emails, photos, documents, and bookmarks perfectly organized?  

If you said yes, then you should NOT take this course. 

If you are like the other 99.9999% of people in the world, I can help you cut through your digital clutter!

Do you...

  • Have more than 1,000 messages in your inbox? 
  • Have a difficult time finding documents in Google Drive?
  • Delete apps off of your phone because you are out of storage space?
  • Have notes, lists, and reminders all over the place?  

Then it's time for an organizational intervention!

During this FREE course you will learn: 

  • The power of archiving messages in Gmail
  • How to use the NEW side panel in Gmail, calendar, and drive to organize your to-do list
  • The most unbelievable tool for organizing your pictures (and you don't have to do ANYTHING)
  • How to clean up unwanted documents in Google Drive.
  • How to close-out your Google Classroom courses at the end of the year
  • How to prep your new courses for next year before you go on summer vacation!

Getting organized with Google is a FREE self-paced online course that will help you organize your digital life. Applying these strategies to your life will give you more time to connect with your students and plan engaging lessons. 

This course is based on my personal experience of more than 10 years of using Google tools in my classroom and in several businesses I have started. 

I will personally work with you during the course and will answer questions and provide personal feedback. My goal for this course is to help you SAVE TIME by eliminating time-consuming processes.

Note: this is a beginner / intermediate level course. No prior experience is required! 

Course Details

  •  Course opens: May 5, 2020
  • Platform: Google Classroom
  • Time required: 10-15 minutes per day 
  • Skill: Beginner / Intermediate 
  •  Cost: Free!!
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Course Outline

We'll use Google Classroom for the course to keep things simple. Register and get immediate access!

Google Classroom

Course Outline

Don't be a slave to your inbox!

Our first goal is helping you clean up, organize, and prioritize your inbox. You'll learn how to automatically sort messages, archive old emails, send messages to your calendar or to-do list, and use Google's NEW snooze and smart reply features to save time.

Do you have a shoebox full of photos?

Organizing photos has long been one of life's most unsolvable mysteries. The second topic of our course is organizing your photos using Google Photos. We'll setup automatic backup, share photos with those you care about and create a fun animation to share with someone! 

5 Tips for Organizing Google Drive

The unlimited storage capacity of Google Drive is awesome and terrifying! How many "untitled documents" do you have? Can you quicky find the files that you need? I'll share 5 super easy and helpful tips for getting the mess under control!

Google Classroom Cleanup

Google Classroom is a great tool, but the volume of information it generates can be quite overwhelming. We'll take a look at managing student documents and end-of-year clean up tasks.

BONUS: I will also show you how to prep your courses for the 2019-20 school year so that they are ready when you return to your classroom!

Digtal Odds-n-Ends

While Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Classroom are the primary tools you will use on a daily basis, there are a few tips and tricks that can fill in some of the gaps. 

We'll wrap up the course by looking at how you can use Google Keep, Tasks, and a few Chrome extensions to keep track of your digital odds-n-ends!

Hey! I'm John!

John R. Sowash

I taught middle school and high school science for 6 years and was a high school principal for 2 years outside of Detroit, Michigan. During my time as a teacher I integrated technology into my classroom whenever possible. Sometimes it was great, some times it was a total flop! I now support teachers who are working to use tech in their classrooms. I write books, produce a podcast, and share free resources on my blog and website.  

I hope you will join me for this online course. I look forward to working with you! 

Kind Words

“Thank you for such a valuable learning week. The ease of the course was just what I needed. The class was very easy to manage. Thanks for a wonderful week!” Colette Taillon, Instructional Technology, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana 

"One of the most focused and practical courses I have ever done. Every aspect was expertly taught with amazing tips from someone who is clearly a very experienced educator." Michael Drucker, London England 

“Fast turn-around class designed to get you more knowledgeable about Google products & how to maximize your use of them. John knows his stuff and conveys it well.” Deb Cassidy, Teacher, Manchester, Connecticut  

Filled with great bits, even for experienced users. So much value in experiencing Google Classroom as a student.” Roland Aichele, Teacher, Sacramento California 

You Might Be Wondering...

Can I earn continuing education credits?

Not on this free course! Because this is a super short, low-key course, it doesn't qualify for continuing education credit.

I do offer longer, more advanced courses that qualify for continuing education credit.  

Is this just another lousy online course?

I certainly hope not! I have worked hard to make this course practical and actionable. This is NOT an automated course. I will be participating in the course throughout the week; answering questons and personally working with the entire group. You can look at the tesimonial section (above) to hear what others are saying.

Why is this course free? 

Well, I like helping people use technology more effectively. The other reason is that I offer paid courses periodically. I'm hopeful that if you have a good experience in this course, you might join me for my longer, more advanced courses!

Can I invite others to join?

Sure! Feel free to share this page with any one who might be interested in taking the course. 

This sounds like a lot of work!  

My goal is that each daily lesson will take 10-15 minutes to complete. This is supposed to be a fun, low key course to help you organize your life! 

What equipment / tools will I need?

As long as you have a computer running the current version of the Chrome web browser you will be able to fully participate in the course.

How long will I have access to the course? 

Forever! The course will remain accessible indefinitely, although after the end-date I will no longer be active in the course.

I can't take the course right now. Will it be offered again? 

Probably. If you would like to be notified about future courses, click here.  

What if I have questions or get stuck? 

If you have any issues or concerns, you can connect directly with me via email. My contact information is available in the “about” section of Google Classroom.

I'm not a "techie" person. Is this course for me?

Sure! If you are eager to learn, I am excited to work with you! Google Clasroom is easy to use and I will be with you the entire time! 

Are the assignents required?

Nope! This is a voluntary course. I hope that you will implement the ideas from the course into your classroom, but how and when you do so is up to you.  

Are the tools mentioned in the course all free? 

Everything I recommend in the course is either free or “freemium.” I never recommend a tool that requires payment in order for it to be used. The freemium products I recommend can be used successfully without a paid subscription.  

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