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The Future Of Chromebooks With @mistrycy

The Future of Chromebooks with @mistrycy

This is my interview with Cyrus Mistry, Group Product Manager, Android & Chromebooks for Education. Cyrus is in charge of managing the Chromebook for Education team at Google. His early efforts helped the first round of Chromebooks to schools which provided…

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IPads To Chromebooks With @davebast

iPads to Chromebooks with @davebast

iPads to Chromebooks? My interview with Dave Bast from Holland Public Schools shows that it's not about the tech you select, but the learning you can enable. Listen below or subscribe via iTunes or Google Play!   Dave Bast is a…

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Collaborate With Technology With @socialearn007

Collaborate with Technology with @socialearn007

This wide-ranging conversation with Elliot Soloway, Professor of education, engineering and information at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor was fun. Elliot is a passionate and insightful technologist and researcher who shares how we can collaborate with technology to solve hard problems. In this…

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Chromebooks In Elementary Classrooms With @NedTechOP

Chromebooks in Elementary Classrooms with @NedTechOP

Elementary students CAN use technology! Jolanda Nederveld is an elementary teacher at Oriole Park elementary school in Wyoming, Michigan who teaches technology and media to grades K-4. Jolanda shares how Chromebooks in Elementary classrooms can provide marvelous learning opportunities and…

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Vote For Season 2!

Vote for Season 2!

Thank you for listening to Season 1 of the Chromebook Classroom podcast. Will there be a season 2? That, dear listener, is up to you. If you enjoyed season one, please rate it on iTunes and Google Play and complete…

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